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Closed Captioning US offers extensive services


We offer a comprehensive range of closed captioning services for our clients in the US. What makes us special is our superior accuracy of at least 98% in converting content to closed captions. We guarantee an excellent visual experience with our closed captioning services.
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Business Captioning

Business captioning has been shown to boost sales and business performance, thus generating increased revenues. Small to medium scaled businesses, as well as large scale enterprises can leverage from the benefits brought about by business captioning as a tool to widen your reach.
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Closed captioning services are of unsurpassed quality and within budget when you partner with us at Closed Captioning US. We provide a practical top option in Offline Captioning Services for clients producing broadcasts such as TV programs which will be aired in few days or hours.
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Multi-language captioning provided by Closed Captioning US is available for over 200 major languages, and are widely utilized for video content. Our multi-language captioning is credible and maintained with the highest standards, as we are an experienced captioning company.
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Closed Captioning and Subtitling Services are offered by our professional team of captioners at Closed Captioning US, with world-class quality. Our subtitling services are offered with a multi-language approach, and with the best rates for DVDs, Videos, Movies, and Presentations.
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Television closed captioning are now widely needed by commercial TV channels, in compliance with broadcasting rules and to widen their audience reach. Closed captioning has myriad benefits for regular and hearing-impaired viewers, as well as those who are language or literacy deficient.
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