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Arabic Subtitling

Arabic subtitling $7/min is now widely demanded by various sectors that are attempting to promote their products and services across the world. Subtitling supports greatly in making the videos reach millions of audience which was once limited in accessibility. By giving subtitling, it is not only you make people who do not understand the language spoken in the video to watch the video with interest and understanding; you also help people who are with hearing impairments to watch the video comfortably, as the text timed with the video will enable them to read and understand the visual going on.
Closed Captioning US provides Arabic subtitling services in various types. We provide both captioning or intralingual subtitling and interlingual subtitling which is the written or spoken message of the video that is translated to the understanding of the targeted audience.
Our services are:
Affordable and competitive
Quick and accurate
All types of subtitling
We serve all sectors
Multilingual subtitling services and more
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