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Audio Description Service

closed-captioning-us is fully committed to provide exceptional quality audio description services for the benefit of visually impaired audiences. With our advanced software technology, a special sound recording is used to describe the visual content of your videos.

Our professional writers will view the program and create scripts which will perfectly describe the key visual elements of any program. The voice over description is recorded in between dialogues and audio elements. For more information about our audio descriptive service, get in touch with our 24/7 customer support. We can be easily reached by calling our toll free hotlines or through our online chat.
We Combine Reliability & Affordability

We are committed to assist the visually impaired understand the world of art and other visual arts like theater, television, film and other video productions through our audio description service. Our highly trained audio transcribers deliver perfectly executed descriptions of any scenes, gestures, props, transitions, and more.

Now is the perfect time to try our audio transcription service. Upload your files to our intuitive online platform and you’re good to go. We respond to you quickly by sending you free quote. Our audio description service is 100% secure and confidential. With an advanced software technology, you don’t have to worry about spam. Our staff are also bound to a strict non-disclosure agreement making sure your personal information will remain confidential.

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