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Closed Captioning us Services

Displaying time-synchronized, prime quality texts on visual displays to provide valued information, referred to as closed captioning, is a craft we specialize in. Notably, closed captions are in demand in broadcasting and business firms because of their myriad benefits for regular viewers, those who are deaf or have hearing impairments, as well as literacy and language deficient audiences. You are certainly making a smart decision by trusting us with your captioning needs. You can go directly and access our simplified uploader for a few basic steps, or read on to have a clear picture of closed captioning services, when you partner with us.

Closed captioning can be complex and time consuming Going the extra mile, we at Closed captioning us have the mission of providing clients with convenient, supreme quality, and hassle-free closed captioning experiences. Utilizing proprietary technology that we take pride in, our competent teams have mastered skills and implement efficient workflows that provide clients enhanced services that exceed conventional standards. Our outputs for closed captioning have extreme clear quality, accuracy of nothing short of 98%, and lowest pricing in the market.

At Closed captioning us, we focus on dynamic growth and innovation to outstandingly respond to the competitive needs of various industries: broadcasting, television, corporate, education, government, finance, and advertising, in terms of closed captioning. Through combined efforts of our adept captioners, transcriptionists, quality assurance experts, and customer support, we have redefined our closed captioning service to outstanding levels.Our system is further enhanced by continued upgrades, personnel and facility development and trainings that ensure we provide clients with up to date services, error-free outputs, and unsurpassed quality.

As closed captioning service providers, we aim to be the authority in providing small to large scale clients, unique and unparalleled solutions. In partnering with us, you can be confident that your closed captioning projects have a distinct advantage in terms of accessibility, searchability, a broader audience share, precision, and timeliness. Our online closed captioning services, are designed to be extra simple and client-friendly.

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1.Who needs closed captioning?

Our aim is to reach out to business firms or individual project managers who require assistance with closed captioning. Whether you are a movie producer, teaching instructor, student, researcher, project leader or web developer – we would gladly offer you genuine service and creative solutions for closed captioning.

2.What features do we offer for closed captioning?


We offer you a competitive accuracy rating in the industry for closed captioning services, with nothing short of guaranteed. We work hard to give you the perfection you deserve.


Economical pricing, guaranteed to be lowest in the market. You can trust us when we say, we offer you superior quality that is worth your every dollar.


Word-to-word synchronized with time code precision. What we say is what you get.

Advanced technology

Our proprietary technology is a major investment we take pride in, which we have optimally utilized to produce efficient processes and workflows.


Supreme quality that is recognized and accredited by international standards. We guarantee you our dedication and hard work in delivering outputs that are of high value, to complement your needs and specifications.

Fast Turnaround Time

Promptness and professionalism are two of our prioritized strengths. We deliver according to your specified date or time. We specialize in rush turnaround time, and accept bulk orders for closed captioning.

3.When can we avail your service and receive results for closed captioning?

Our online transaction portals, through our websites are of service 24/7 for your closed captioning needs. We have a highly competent and accommodating customer support who can discuss and provide instant feedback for each of your requirements and special requests through phone patch (Dial our toll free numbers), or live chat just by clicking at the icon in your screen. Outputs are delivered according to your specified date and time. You can CONTACT US for further details.

4.Where are our branches for closed captioning?

Our prime branch is at New York. Closed captioning services NYC accommodates and specializes in delivering enhanced and socially relevant closed captioning solutions. For instance when our productions are viewed by disabled audiences, we also feel rewarded having taken part in conveying your messages. We have a few other branches distributed around the globe, and the good news is, whichever part of the world you are in, we deliver with the same speed and standards for quality for closed captioning, in a click.

5.How to place orders for closed captioning?

You can directly access our simplified uploader, or CONTACT US/ CHAT with us for convenient assisted transactions. Completion of the closed captioning ordering scheme takes three simple steps.

1.    UPLOAD your file
    We transform your video recording + transcript to a format with closed captioning at synchronized time codes for easy integration with any video platform OR
    We transform your video recording without transcript to a format with closed captioning (after video transcription) for easy integration with any video platform

2.    CHOOSE a format and payment method
    From among our varied caption formats, easily scroll down and click a format of choice. Also, select a preferred mode of payment.

3.    SELECT your delivery options
    Receive your caption files OR Receive your video design with closed captions
    We deliver outputs or caption files via your selected mode of retrieving outputs, in a file tailored to fit your workflow.

6.Why choose us for closed captioning requirements?

Closed captioning us has served numerous genre of industries over the years, and have established modern and efficient workflows that have redefined and upgraded standards for closed captioning services. Our diverse and innovative workforce and proprietary technology gives us a competitive advantage that is experienced by clients around the globe. We value your trust, time, money, and partnership and thus maintain a working climate of confidentiality, promptness, and cost-effectiveness. We gladly serve with commitment and sincerity. Today, we look forward to partnering with you in closed captioning and related transcription projects.