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French Subtitling Services

French subtitling $7/min is mostly used for translating the dialogues or conversations in the video content into other languages or from other languages to French. We, Closed Captioning US provide subtitling services in all foreign languages. We also extend our services to regional languages subtitling in order to serve local firms. We provide the quickest and cheapest French subtitling services done by professional staffs. Unlike translating the written text content, subtitling requires some special skills. Subtitling is mostly required by film and television industries.
In the subtitling process, the subtitler will watch the picture and listen to the given audio line by line to subtitle. Subtitling services are primarily categorized into two types and they include:
Real time subtitling or live subtitling
Offline subtitling or pre-recorded subtitling
We are the professional service provider who can offer both the types of subtitling to our clients with no hesitations. In addition to it, our captioners can also perform:
Language subtitling
Video subtitling
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Frequently Asked Questions : FAQ / Help / Documentation

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