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Language Subtitling Services

Language subtitling $7/min involves the process of providing subtitles in targeted languages as preferred by the clients. Subtitling can be given in any language according to the requirements or the purpose for what the video is being shot. We, Closed Captioning Us provide language subtitling services in any foreign or regional languages. We have all native speakers who can translate and transcribe any video content and type without any errors in the language that you want it.
Our online language subtitling services include:
German subtitling
French subtitling
Hindi subtitling
Italian subtitling and more.
We in order to be the one stop solution for all our clients’ language subtitling requirements, provide the services in over 300 languages that are spoken internationally and regionally. You can expect the most accurate and high quality services from our subtitlers. We further retain quick turnaround and provide 24/7 subtitling services in any languages.
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2. How to add language subtitling services for videos and DVDs?
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