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Lecture Capture Captioning

Lecture capture captioning is very effective for the training and educational institutions. Closed Captioning US provides the best lecture captioning services to all institutions online and live. We provide professional closed captioning for all types of lecture.
We make use of the latest technology for providing the quick and effective lecture caption. Our lecture capture services are beneficial for:
Students to access the lecture content easily anytime
It improves the comprehension skill and retention of the material
It allows the content to be easily searched and also re-purposed
It ensures in compliance with the ADA sections 508 and 504
Lecture captioning is done by recording the lecture that captures the slides, audio, video, bookmarks captioning windows and navigation controls which can be viewed easily by the students from outside the class. It however, benefits, students, lecturers and the institutions in every aspect of smooth functioning. It is also cost effective to provide online lectures.
To get our Lecture Capture Captioning Services with best Rates at $1/min, Upload Your Files Now.
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