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Offline Commercial Captioning

Offline commercial captioning is also known as post production captioning which is mostly used for programs that had been already over. Such captioning service are required by the commercial sectors to create the content into media format such as commercial, online videos, television series, DVDs, feature-length movies and more. However, the formats in which such commercial captioning required is, depends on the clients need. Closed Captioning US, provides offline commercial captioning services in any formats and output how the client requires. We provide the most accurate captioning to the pre-recorded programs and also do video description or audio description on request.
The offline captioning for commercial sectors are required for various purposes such as for:
Creating advertisement videos
For website videos
Convert the content to DVDs and other format for future references
Better understanding and analysis and more.
However, based on your requirements, we will provide the captioning and subtitling services to our clients with quick turnaround time.
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