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Offline Corporate Captioning

Offline corporate captioning is useful and effective to corporate sectors. Be it large or small corporate, it is common to conduct seminars and other programs which helps in the development of the corporate or company. Closed Captioning US provides all types of offline corporate captioning services. The offline captioning mostly involves the process of providing the captions for the already recorded programs. Such services may also include edition or inclusion of certain content according to the client’s requirements. Moreover, the offline captioning can also be done in any languages as determined by the client.
We as the professional service provider, offer all types of offline captioning and subtitling services to corporates, which include:
Spanish closed captioning
Corporate seminar captioning
Corporate group discussion captioning
Corporate interviews captioning
Corporate presentation captioning
Corporate meeting captioning
Corporate conference captioning and more
We further provide captions for corporate in all languages such as, Spanish, English, French, Hindi, German and more.
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