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Pop On Captioning Services

Pop-on Captioning services is referred to the process of giving one or two line captions which will appear on the screen. This captioning will remain visible for several seconds before it disappears. This type of captioning is given using the SVHS program. In the pop-on captioning process, the captionists will prepare caption file that includes placement codes and time codes in each caption. After giving the caption the file will be encoded onto master tape. The placement and time code will determine the appearance of the caption on screen. Such type of pop on closed captioning is mostly used for documentaries, movies, films and more.
Closed Captioning US provides the best Pop-on captioning services. Our range of services for pop-on captioning includes:
Pop-on closed captioning for pre-recorded and non-live programs
Pop-on closed captioning for documentaries, films and movies
Pop-on closed captioning with highest accuracy that is free of grammatical and spelling errors
Pop-on closed captioning to appear anywhere on the screen for visual advantages
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