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Roll Up Captioning Services

Roll up captioning services, is one of the types of captions including pop-on, Roll-up and pain-on. Each type of captioning has its own best features and advantages to offer. Closed Captioning US provides all types of captioning services to our clients. In our Roll-up captioning, we provide the services for both non-live or the pre-recorded programs.
There are basically two types of Roll-up captioning services such as:
3-line Roll –Up
Timed Roll-Up
In the 3-line roll-up captioning, the captionists will make use of the DVD, video files or VHS copy of the video program. A sub master will then be created by BCCS by sending the file while playing master copy, which is recorded and captioned onto closed sub-master captioning. If any project requires, quick turnaround, then this type of roll-up captioning is used. Whereas, in timed roll-up, the program can be timed for synchronizing with the audio content of the program.
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