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Closed captioning us Video Captioning

We are a trusted authority, strengthened by years of experience, cutting edge technology, and world class innovations, ready to accommodate all your video captioning requirements. There are several companies in the market who offer video captioning services, but we take pride in being distinctly outstanding in terms of competence, solutions, and speedy results. Closed captioning us has served various small businesses to large corporations, and is a reliable hot spot for your tasks requiring video caption.

Video captioning can be a complex task to accomplish for many corporate, academic, research, entertainment, marketing and online clients. Through years of dedicated service and continued development of workforce, facility and technology, we have formulated seamless solutions to meet the specific needs of every customer group. Our video captioning service is highly accessible, SEO-friendly, multilingual, and easily available utilizing a variety of video searching and navigation tools.

Our innovative solutions for video captioning have been integrated to suit customer needs in a complete package deal, which comprises the following essentials sought by clients: cost-effectiveness, premium quality, security and confidentiality, on-time delivery, time-synchronization, multi-format availability,and compatibility with multiple technology platforms.

All these core elements are made available by Closed captioning us. Each output for video captioning is assured a polished finish to the minute details by our highly competent team of transcriptionists, quality assurance specialists, technical and customer care representatives, who are stringently hand picked and well-trained in completing high value tasks related to video closed captioning service.

CONTACT US, so we can gladly serve you, according to your unique specifications and requirements concerning video captioning and related transcription and translation services. Check out our latest add-on: YouTube video captioning and its benefits of opening up your content to a larger audience. The viewing public statistically is composed of approximately 80% regular viewers, and the remaining 20% include those with special needs such as the hearing impaired, and language or literacy deficient audiences.

All these audiences including elders and young children, according to recent studies have significantly improved literacy and language absorption with the presence of video captioning in television, movies, documentaries, the news and other informational broadcasting media. Also, video captioning is in demand in noisy environments such as train stations, bars, and shopping malls; as well noise-sensitive places like gyms, spas, hospitals, among others. Undoubtedly, video captioning together with closed captioning and subtitling play vital roles in conveying messages to a diverse populace.

1.Who needs video captioning?

For several years, we have partnered with organizations, from small firms to large corporations who have video captioning and other broadcast-related needs. Particularly, loyal clients include moviemakers and producers, project leaders for instructional content, advertising agencies, musical directors, government agencies, academicians, churches, and other private contractors.

Our service has expanded to meet the growing demands of a more literacy-loving public through time. And as the population grows and requires more video captioning services that are quality and budget, Closed captioning us leads the industry as the authority and trusted name for your important video captioning requirements.

2.What features do we offer for video captioning?

Superior quality

A signature of trusted quality with extreme broadcast clarity for all video captioning outputs, employing tape and video formats and platforms. We produce results with accuracy of at least 98%, and the same standard definition products even if the raw material has poor or challenging audio and content, or a noisy background.

Competitive pricing

An effective combination of proprietary technology and highly competent teams make up our efficient system and workflows, which is why we are able to maximize our resources and provide you competitively low prices for video captioning and related transcription services.

Multiple captions and transcript formats

You can choose from among our numerous caption and transcript formats, or if we do not support the format or platform you are utilizing, we can accommodate your specified requirements as necessary. We can customize formats tailored fit to your workflow.

Speedy, dependable turnaround time even for large volumes

We deliver according to your specified date and time. We cater bulk video captioning orders that are needed at rush deadlines, as per client specifications. We deliver large volume orders promptly every time because of our extra hardworking team who value your time, trust, and money.

3.When can we avail of the video captioning services and final output?

Our online video captioning services are ready to serve clients round the clock or 24/7. You can easily place orders through our service portals in the websites, and receive your caption files or embedded captions in videos at the fastest turnaround times (TAT). That is, receive outputs according to your specified delivery date and time. We are prepared to serve you even for rush or super rush TAT. You can rely on Closed captioning us for excellent video captioning delivered on time.

4.Where can we find more information on video captioning?

For further information and queries on video captioning you can CHAT with us by clicking on the live chat icon on your screen. Our competent customer support team is ready to accommodate your concerns 24/7.

5.How do clients upload materials for video captioning?

You can go directly and access our simplified uploader and send us your raw video and transcript if available. If you do not have a transcript, we can easily transcribe your audio or video file. After selecting among a few other options regarding formats, payment, and delivery, our teams start the video captioning process at once to deliver you enhanced solutions and outputs, tailor-made to fit your project needs.

6.Why should you choose Closed captioning us for your video captioning requirements?

Solid years of experience, and enhancements in technology and personnel, have empowered Closed captioning us and streamlined our solutions for video captioning, transcription and related services.We are confident in providing you supreme quality that fits your budget, because we produce each result through dedication, hard work, and passion for providing extraordinary service. Trust us each time to give you the competitive advantage for your video captioning needs.