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Closed Captioning US offers high quality captioning services at affordable rates. We make the whole process of captioning very easy for our clients. We manage your projects with the most efficient and reliable captioning experts. We maintain confidentiality for all your assignments and provide an accurate and secure service.
We work in quick turnaround times.
The latest tools and the skills of technical experts help us achieve this.
We are one of the leading business firms because we present different types of closed captioning styles in accordance with the customer specifications and funds. Our closed captioning services are done in-house from the start to the end, i.e. right from recording to encoding. We are hard and fast on value management and provide very affordable rates.
We do captioning services in various languages like English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Portuguese. This enables the customers from all parts of the world to approach us.
Upload your files now to get our closed captioning services at the best rates of $1/min.